Team SK’s Kaitlin Benthin Wins at World Speed Shooting Championships

Team SK’s Kaitlin Benthin Wins at World Speed Shooting Championships

Congratulations to SK’s Kaitlin Benthin winning the Rimfire Pistol Iron Sights category at the 2023 World Speed Shooting Championship. With her overall grand aggregate score of 74.79, Kaitlin finished 6th Lady, had 15 personal bests, and moved up to Master Class. She was 99th overall out of 672 competitors.

Kaitlin’s results for each discipline were as follows:

Rimfire Pistol Open: 2nd
A Class, 6th Lady, 28th overall and advanced to Master Class
Rimfire Pistol Iron Sights: 1st B Class, 17th overall

Rimfire Rifle Iron Sights: 4th
Lady, 17th overall

Rimfire Rifle Open: 6th
Lady, 41st overall

Kaitlin was not only successful in each of the disciplines, but she also laid down some blazing fast times:

2.09 sec string in “5 to go”

1.48 sec string in “showdown”

1.51 sec string in “smoke and hope”

1.52 sec string in “roundabout”

“The SK Pistol Match and SK Rifle Match ammunition ran great! This was the first major event of the year, the rust is knocked off so it’s time to have fun and go faster,” commented Kaitlin’s Coach and father, David Benthin.

The 2023 World Speed Shooting Championship, presented by PSA were held at the Steel Challenge Headquarters in Talladega, AL, April 26th. In a Steel Challenge match, competitors shoot eight courses of fire, each having five steel targets as small as a 10” round plate, and up to a 18×24” rectangle. With competitors shooting out to 35-yards, plates are shot as fast as possible. Each stage is fired five times, except for the Outer Limits stages, which are shot four times from two different positions.

Kaitlin competes with SK Rifle Match, SK Standard Plus, and SK Semi-Auto.