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Nammo Schönebeck GmbH, the company where SK rimfire is proudly produced, isn’t just any .22 LR ammunition manufacturer. We are part of an international corporate group with a long history and extensive experience when it comes to ammunition. Starting with the production of a rimfire cartridge, all the way to the science behind firing a good shot. We do everything within our power to make sure you feel good about our ammo and benefit from the research and development of the entire Nammo Group. Other commercial ammunition brands within the group are Lapua, Berger and Vihtavuori.

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We’d like to use our rimfire ammunition to help you improve your performance. As a sports shooter, you are looking for a .22 LR cartridge with a reliable performance that ensures you consistently achieve good dispersion patterns and a positive result at the shooting range. Our rimfire ammunition has a good price-performance ratio and allows you to train intensively in order to reach the goals you set for yourself. This means a high level of effort becomes possible during shooting practice in order to support your personal development in training and matches. We regularly service our machines and continuously improve manufacturing technologies, so as to be able to produce both rifle and pistol ammunition that is precise and reliable. At current, our .22LR product portfolio consists of ten different rimfire rounds: Semi-Auto Rifle, Long Range, Rifle Match, Flatnose Match, Flatnose Target, Biathlon Sport, Standard Plus, Pistol Match, Pistol Match Special and Magazine.

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proud member of AFEMS

We are also a proud member of AFEMS, the Association of European Manufacturers of Sporting Ammunition.