SK’s Jake Stine Wins 2023 Lapua Monarch Cup

SK’s Jake Stine Wins 2023 Lapua Monarch Cup

Congratulations to Team SK’s Jake Stine winning the 2023 Lapua Monarch Cup and being crowned the North American Silhouette Champion! Jake competed in all three legs of the Monarch Cup; the Canadian Nationals, U.S. Nationals, and finishing with the Mexico Nationals. The three-match aggregate determined the Lapua Monarch Cup North American champion.

The Lapua Monarch Cup is comprised of three premier Smallbore Silhouette shooting matches hosted in Canada, United States, and Mexico. Competitors earn points from each match within their respective classification (Master, AAA, AA, & A), providing all shooters an opportunity for over $100,000 in cash and prizes. Lapua’s Monarch Cup is recognized as the must-attend event of the silhouette shooting world.  

Jake ’s Monarch Cup victory began by winning the Canadian Nationals with a score of 110 of a possible 120, then third place in U.S. Nationals, and completed the high aggregate by finishing 6th Place in the Mexico Nationals.

Top three competitor scores were as follows:

  • Jake Stine                       323
  • Gabriel Villareal              321
  • John Mullins                   319

“Without using the high quality ammunition that SK produces, this accomplishment would have never been possible,” Jake commented. “SK’s passion has truly led to my success.”

Smallbore Silhouette shooting is a fun and challenging shooting discipline that has competitors taking aim at a variety of steel chickens, pigs, turkeys, and rams. Shooters, standing and unsupported, take aim at four banks of silhouettes at increasing distances, shooting 40 targets in all. For every silhouette knocked down, the competitor earns one point.  Smallbore Silhouette competitors are shooting at distances of 40, 60, 77, and 100 meters, while High Power Silhouette distances are 200, 300, 385, and 500 meters.